iDryclean Store Manager

Store Manager lets you manage 1 or more iDryclean Smart registers from our iDryclean web site.
Works anywhere you have an internet connection and a computer or smart phone.
Change prices, view sales, manage customers and much more.
Includes a FREE web site ( so your customers can place orders, view history, etc.

iDryclean Store Manager

Manage all your iDryclean Smart Registers from the comfort of your office or home, computer or phone.

  • Access any of your stores from the iDryclean web site.
  • Change pricing for any store.
  • Manage and send email to customers.
  • View sales for 1 store or combined for all stores.
  • FREE web site for your store included.
  •     Your customers can place orders, view history, etc.

<< Watch it in action.

$49/month + $10/month per store.