Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2007 iDryclean has been helping cleaners automate their business. iDryclean was published worldwide in 2008 as a solution for those that use computers or apps in their drycleaning business. It has since grown to include Smart Registers that allow cleaners to use a smart register that takes care of their store operations but is not as complicated as a computer. iDryclean is part of a suite of products that have helped stores since 1983.
Free iDryclean support is handled online thru the Smart Register. Hardware, networking, and other issues are handled separately and we have support programs designed to meet your needs. Support Options
No. Cloud based programs are too complicated. They require serious computer help, networking experts, and other stuff that is just too darn hard. iDryclean uses centralized storage called SILO's that are "Secured Information Located Offsite" buckets to store your important sales and customer info, but the actual stuff that makes the register run is located on the smart register itself.
NO. Your iDryclean customer, sales, and other information is located in our centralized SILO's, so we take care of that for you. However, it is always recommended that you make a copy of your store information for your own protection.
NO. It is actually quite easy. Get it, unpack it, turn it on and you are ready to use your Smart Register.
The low fees to cover the use of an iDryclean Smart Register, storage for your customers and sales, and settings if you use the integrated merchant processing connected to your iDryclean Smart Register. There may be charges for support if you need personalized telephone help for issues that cannot be solved via email or texts. If you want to use your own merchant processor there is a quarterly charge for data storage and live support. Also, there is a monthly charge for the Store Manager option that lets you manage all your stores from the internet. Note: Your Internet provider fees still apply.
No. But, you do need a high speed connection that is like what is used for the internet. iDryclean is NOT an internet or cloud based program but your store sales and customers are stored in SILO's that are accessed via a high speed connection. Your internet provider will install that for you.
Yes, you can download and try the iDryclean register on your Windows 10 computer. It is a shared demo so others will be using it as well. The data entered in your free trial is not saved. Try It
No. iDryclean is not a cloud based program and the smarts are on the Smart Register(tm). Apple products like the iPad are designed to run cloud based programs. Those are toys compared to the power of a Smart Register.
Smart Registers have a computer in them. Your fridge, tv, steam cleaner, and almost every other thing that you use today has a computer in it. Unlike a computer that can be used for a multitude of complicated stuff, Smart Registers only do one thing - they only run as a register to help you manage your store. And they make it very easy for you to use.
Yes. We have a way to let you view sales and other store information from the internet. It is an option purchased separately for those wishing to do so. It is strictly an option and you don't have to purchase it to get the full value from your Smart Register. Get more information here: Store Manager
Maybe. We can load your customers into our iDryclean Smart Register if you can save your customers into what they call a CSV File. That's computer lingo for Comma Seperated Values. Ask your computer tech or your current provider how to export your customers to a CSV file, send it to us and we will load it into your Smart Register. Easy!